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2015 Eclectic Truth Poetry Slam Team Anthology

2015 Eclectic Truth Poetry Slam Team Anthology
featuring the poetry of Beck Cooper, Jim Dulin,
William Brian Sain, & Rodrick Minor

(foreword by DesireƩ Dallagiacomo & Donney Rose)

SIZE: 8.25" x 5"
PRICE: $10.00

NEXT LEFT doesn't exist on an island—part of our mission is engaging in and providing support to our given community. While our definition of community includes most of the solar system, it is true that, geographically-speaking, Baton Rouge is home. In that spirit of engagement & support, we present the 2015 ECLECTIC TRUTH POETRY SLAM TEAM ANTHOLOGY, a handmade collection featuring Baton Rouge's 2015 Eclectic Truth Poetry Slam Team members: Rodrick Minor (four-time member), William Brian Sain, Beck Cooper (both two-time members), and Jim Dulin (first-time member). The book's "theme" was to re-create the energies and spirit of the team's finals night, the night in which these four members earned their way onto the team. Each detail (the photographs chosen, the poems featured, the artwork inside and on the cover) are meant to pay homage to both the team and the community that it represents.

NEXT LEFT produced this book as a fundraising tool to help Eclectic Truth pay for the trip to Oakland, California for the 2015 National Poetry Slam. It's not cheap flying four people to Oakland from Baton Rouge, y'all. So we, the community, have to help.

From co-slam master & coach DesireƩ Dallagiacomo:

In the book, you’ll find the text for this poem by Beck Cooper, this poem by Rodrick Minor, more poems by Beck & Rodrick, poems by William Brian Sain, & poems by Jim Dulin. Every book that is bought gets us closer to representing Baton Rouge at the National Poetry Slam!

This team means a lot to me, and I believe their poems are important to the larger literary conversation. You can help keep them talking by buying a book.
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